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Stream Conditions
Falling Springs:
River Flows The Falling Spring is a spring creek which flows very constant throughout the year. Right now the water temperature is 52 degrees and clear in the fly only area and clear downtown and 53 degrees. Flow is normal
Hatch Info Midges, BWO'S, gray micro caddis,
Fly Patterns
Be prepared with a variety of patterns because these wild trout can be picky. Day in and out trout can be taken with properly fished nymphs, dries and streamers.

Big Springs:

River Flows Water level and temperature remains relatively constant throughout the year. The flow is low, clear and 52 degrees.

Hatch Info Midges will hatch throughout the day.  BWO's and assorted caddis are very spotty, .

Hot Fly Patterns

& Other Mountain Streams:

River Flows: The Conococheague and many of the smaller mountain streams are freestone streams sothey are affected by rain and air temperature. The water level on the Jig is 1.94.  Water is brown and temperature is 44 degrees. 

Hatch Info Midges, caddis

Special Report: The PA fish and boat commission classifies the Conococheague as "approved trout water" The stream is closed to fishing from Febuary 28 until 8:00am on the opening day.


Yellow Breeches:
River Flows The Yellow Breeches is effected by runoff. If the main stem is high and muddy you can always fish what the locals call the "run" which is a spring feeder found in Boiling Springs.   Right now the breeches is 2.43 at Camp Hill, brown and 48 degrees.

Hatch Info Midges and few BWO's are light, gray caddis, micro caddis.  
Hot Fly Patterns

Hot Fly Patterns

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