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I have been so fortunate to be able to partner with Mill Stream and Anglerís Accessories.  They have what all us fly fisherman need for on the stream.  As a kid I had Mill Stream fly boxes.   Mill Stream fly boxes have always been here where others have been discontinued.    I have two of these great boxes in stock at all times with the Mike Heckís Trout Guides Logo printed on the fly box.  There are some great things with these boxes.  One they are thin and hold many flies.  Two, the boxes interlock together.  And they are made here in the USA!!!  I will be offering my Mill Stream boxes by singles and paired.  And with all my orders, shipping is free.  Along with my boxes I will be selling fly fishing supplies from Angler's Accessories.  You won't go wrong with what I will be offering.  I will continue to increase my items as time goes on.

500 Series Clear Boxes
An extremely pocket-friendly size in four compartmented and two lined configurations. Snap two together foot-to-foot to make a double-sided box.
Length: 4.25 in. (10.8 cm)
Width: 3.25 in. (8.3 cm)
Height: 0.6875 in (1.7 cm)
Color: clear with Mike Heckís Trout Guides Logo
Features: Nesting feet, full-length brass hinge pin, secure latch
MSB-509: Small clear with nine compartments
MSB-512: Small clear with twelve compartments
Mix and Match: 1 Small clear with nine compartment and 1 Small clear with twelve compartment
Frog's Fanny fly floatant
This is the best fly floatant I have ever used.  And believe me I have tried many.  It makes your flies float like corks.  It is also safe to use on CDC and snowshoe rabbit foot flies.  Also Frog's Fanny cleans your fly.  But, don't be easy with the brush.  Really rub it into the fly for the best results.
Strike Indicators
Yes, yes yes!! these are the strike indicators I love for nymph fishing.  They are easy to move up and down the leader.  They do not put a kink in the leader nor do the cut the leader.  They also float all day long without any dressing needed.  And they last for quite a long time.  A pack of five will last for season of fly fishing.

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Clear Fly Boxes
Shot Size
Mini Split Shot Asst. Lead - $6.00 each 
It is becoming hard to find good split shot these days.  That is why I'm now offering the same shot I use on the stream.  The larger sizes are for heavy nymphing and deep streamer fishing.  The smaller shot is perfect for fishing nymphs in slower runs and shallower riffles.  It is also the perfect sizes for fishing the dry fly/dropper combo.
Small Assortment packed in 6-size wheel selectors Sizes 4,5,6,7,8 and 9
Large Assortment packed in 6-size wheel selectors  SizesAAA, AA, BB,1,2,3

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