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Standard 8&1/2' 4X nymphing leader - 1 for $4.00
The 8&1/2' 4X is tapered down to a tippet of 25 inches.  Mostly used on the small freestone and spring creek streams.

Long 10' 4X nymphing leader - 1 for $4.00
The 10' 4X is tapered down to a long tippet of 30 inches.  I use this leader formula when fishing larger rivers such as the Bighorn, Spring Creek or the Little Juniata.

6X dry fly leader - 1 for $4.00
My 10'9" dry fly leader is right off the Harvey formula.  But what leader isn't.  This leader functions well from the clear spring creeks to the larger rivers.  The leader is tapered down to 27" of 6X.
7X dry fly leader - 1 for $4.00
I have built this leader for the tiny fly in mind such as tricos and midges.  And wouldn't want to leave out that is what I use when dealing with tippet shy trout.  The leader is actually only an 11' leader which is long enough to get the job done.  The leader is tapered down to 24" of 7X. 

4X brook trout leader - 1 for $4.00
My short, but very functional 8'6" 4X leader is perfect for small mountain brook trout streams.  The leader is tapered down to a 24" 4X tippet which is great for casting larger and bulkier dry flies.

2X Steelhead leader - 1 for $4.00
My 8'8" leader is tapered down to a long 36 inches of 2X tippet.  This is my favorite formula when fishing smaller streams for lake runs of steelhead, brown trout and salmon.

Welcome to my tacklebox.  Here you will find many things essential for a good day on the stream.  Here you can purchase hand tied leaders in many different sizes and lengths.  Orvis Super Strong and Mason Hard Mono will be used to build the leaders.  All leaders will come with a loop connection so you can easily loop it to your fly line.  Leaders will be labeled and neatly packaged.
    Also good to have the right flies for any season or specific hatches.  So I have made up some fly box assortments.  These assortments will be for specific hatches, to overall assortments for general times of year.  The assortments come in a nice Mill Stream fly box with my Mike Heck's Trout Guides logo printed on the box.  Yes, the boxes will have the flies labeled.  And if requested you can changed the pattern sizes to better suit your needs.  I invite you to browse around.  Click on pictures for a larger view.  All orders are always shipped free.  Add 6% sales tax for PA residents only, Paypal orders will be calculated online.

Pattern sizes for all sets can be changed if requested

Wintertime Wonderland - 24 flies with box for $41.00
How I love to fish in the winter.  Here is a 24 fly selection to entice winter feeding trout.  Included will be 3 each of #8 sculpins, #10 white minnow, #14 shrimp, #14 cress bug, #18 Mike's Baetis nymph, #16 b.h. pheasant tail, #14 b.h. Green caddis and #14 brown stonefly nymph.
Springtime Nymph & Dry - 24 flies with box for $38.00
During the spring you will find most trout feed below the surface, but as weather warms and bugs hatch trout will look to the surface for food.  So here is a combination of both nymphs and early dries for such situations.  3 each of #14 shrimp, #18 mike's baetis nymph, #14 b.h. green caddis larva, #14 M.H. Black Stonefly nymph, #20 griffith's gnat, #18 bwo parachute, #16 olive deer hair caddis(grannom), and #22 mike's midge pupa.


Caddis Set - 18 flies with box for $ 30.00
From mid-April into July you will find caddis hatching just about every day.  This is a small selection of 3 each of the caddis found hatching on just about every PA trout stream  Included will be #18 black CDC caddis, #20 black elk hair caddis,  #18 black elk hair caddis, #18 tan deer hair caddis, #16 olive deer hair caddis(grannom), and #20 gray deer hair caddis.



Sulphur Set - 18 flies with box for $ 30.00
Who can't get excited about sulphurs.  Here is a great set from top to bottom for this evening hatch.  Included will be 3 each of #16 mike's sulphur nymph, #16 shenk's sulphur dun,  #16 sulphur compara-dun, #16 hi-vis sulphur parachute, #16 sulphur spinner, and #16 M.H. Snowshoe emerger

Leader Selection
Fly Box Set Selections

Terrestrial Set - 21 flies with box for $ 34.00
Oh how trout like terrestrials.  I have put together my favorites for this selection.   Included will be 3 each of #18 fire ant, #14 black fir ant,  #14 black foam beetle, #16 letort cricket, #12 letort hopper, #18 crowe beetle and #16 hi-vis deer hair ant.


Trico & Terrestrial Set - 21 flies with box for $ 34.00
After the morning tricos are over cast terrestrials to the banks for awaiting trout.  Perfect set for the late summer action for tricos and terrestrials  Included will be 3 each of #22 male krystalflash wing trico, #22 female krystalflash wing trico,  #22 male poly wing trico, #18 cinnamon fir ant, #18 crowe beetle, #14 letort cricket, and #18 Jassid.


Complete Nymph Set- 45 flies with box for $67.00We all know how effective nymphs are.  Here is a full selection for any trout stream you can find.  I have fooled trout on these flies on just about every PA stream, Mossy creek, Battenkill and the Bighorn.  3 each of #14 shrimp, #14 olive cress bug, #14 yellow caddis larva 4 each of-  #18 mike's baetis nymph, #16 mike's sulphur nymph, #14 b.h. green caddis larva, #18 flashback pheasant tail, #16 copper john, #14 M.H. black stonefly nymph, #14 hare's ear, #16  shrimp, #16 gray cress bug.


Complete Dry Set- 45 flies with box for $67.00
For the dry fly fisherman at heart.  It is an outstanding starter set of dry flies.  This set of dries will effectively cover most all the favorite hatches for on trout waters.  And throw in some terrestrials and I believe this is a great set .  3 each of #20 griffith's gnat, #16 olive deer hair caddis(grannom), #14 letort cricket, 4 eachof #18 bwo parachute#16 shenk's sulphur dun, #22 olive CDC midge, #18 black elk hair caddis, #18 tan deer hair caddis, #22 male poly wing trico,, #18 fire ant, #16 hi-vis deer hair ant, #14 black foam beetle.

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Spring Creek Strategies- By Mike Heck
Well here it is, my first book on spring creek fishing.  Click on the picture for a larger view.     
    My book goes into great detail on just how spring creeks come about across the United States.  They are not all associated with limestone rock you know.  I write about the hatches  digging deep into how I can tell a hatch is about to start and how these insects move about before, during and after they hatch.  I have listed all my favorite fly patterns, their recipes and photos of all the flies I use.  Then I go to great lengths to teach you my techniques so you can lure these tough trout out of their favorite hiding spots. 
    All photos are in color.  These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen in a book.  Lefty Kreh also wrote a nice paragraph or two about the book and myself. He likes the book as well. 
    The cost of the book is $34.95.  PA residents add $2.10 for sales tax.  Books will be mailed in safe bubble wrapped envelopes and send by media mail. 

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The best book you will ever read on PA streams. It is written by some of the best authors and guides in the state of PA. Stream maps, hatches and stream information is at your fingertips. You can order them from me at $29.95 and PA residents $31.75. I will sign all copies. You can send a check or Paypal cash to me. I'm working on a Paypal button.